Adrien Redon Brut Nature

Appearance The color calls to mind the juice of a perfectly ripe Meyer lemon stirred in a glass with warm honey.
Nose Bright and zesty notes of ruby-red grapefruit and crisp green apple balance an aroma of rich mocha ice cream topped with fresh-baked gingerbread and praline.
Taste Lemon juice and green apple hold down the fort, as toasted marshmallows and crunchy graham crackers lift you into euphoric reverie. The ground beneath it all: that just-right balance of fruit and acid.
Food pairing Can we be specific? Drink this one with freshly grilled halibut— cooked to a firm, flaky perfection and coated lightly in butter. Serve that with goat cheese topped crostini and eat it all outside on a warm summer night or a fireside in the dead of winter.
Story You walk into the Galleria dell'Accademia in Florence. There it is: Michaelangelo’s David. Starstruck, you’re still able to zero in on the smooth marble lines that draw the eye fluidly around the sculpture. You exhale deeply, a sense of calm begins to mingle with the wonder.


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