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A. Levasseur Rue de Sorbier Brut Réserve Demi

Appearance Pale yellow. The color of calm sandy beaches or freshly baled straw.
Nose At first, the aromas of white peach and fresh wood shavings greet the senses. A second whiff uncovers scents of ripe apricots, succulent strawberries, and the first sweet pea blossoms of spring.
Taste The delicate elegance of ripe yellow pears dances across the tongue and sticks to our taste buds like a fine grit sandpaper, only to give way to a fresh lemon finish that leaves us wanting more.
Food pairing Pair this with a snack of aged parmigiano and buttery table crackers or a flaky crusted pot pie, warm from the oven.
Story This wine brings to mind the last seaside days of summer, a juicy book in your hand and a bottle this cuvée by your side. The sun slowly dips beyond the horizon and you take a deep breath, holding onto the moment as long as you can.

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