Special Club 

The Special club is an exclusive group of peer elected Champagne Growers. In order to make it into the club, a grower must produce and outstanding and unforgettable cuvée agreed upon by the entire community of wine makers. These two bottles are winners of said award. Let these vintage bottles speak for themselves.

Hervieux Dumez Special Club Millésime 2008

The first thing you notice is the near brilliant color reflecting straw and streaks of green. As Bryan brought the glass to his nose he remarked "it smells like Champagne!" Funny, we know, but it isn't always that way. Aromas of chalk, citrus, apple skin and cherry stone fill the senses. On the palate the flavors are full and rich with the addition of ripe yellow apple and hazelnut, highlighted by a creamy texture. The finish is bright with acidity, so fresh and so clean.

Grongnet Special Club Millésime 2008

In your glass, the color of this vintage beauty is straw with a tinge of yellow. The aromas and flavors are bright with yellow apple, lime, lemon curd and white pineapple - a lively expression of fruit and acidity. The finish is beautiful, mouthwatering, lasts for what seems like months and leaves you wanting more.

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