The Saignée method introduces bold flavors and colors thanks to the introduction of the red grape skins. If you love bold rosés you can't pass these bottles up!

Jean Baillette-Prudhomme Rosé de Saignée

This has an incredibly unique color as it matches a very red raspberry. This color comes from four days of maceration, where the Pinot Noir grapes ferment with their red skins before the juice is bled off (saignee), and fermentation continues without the skins. The Champagne is light, with nice structure and a fine acidity to balance the fruit. This is indeed fruit forward, but not in the least bit sweet.

Mathieu-Gandon Rosé de Saignée

This Rosé is very unique. It is 100% Pinot Meunier, produced in the saignée method, finished with very little sugar and no malolatic fermentation. Despite all these efforts, it still tastes very fresh and fruity. It has an extreme red/pink coloring that is really beautiful and certainly festive. It showcases the Pinot Meunier grape in its purest form. Intense grenadine notes followed by candied cherries, macerated raspberries, black currant jam, and a hint of peony. Firm with intense structure, and a long finish with slight tannins, and a refreshing bitterness. A strong Champagne, able to hold up to red meats and fatty cheeses. .

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