Rosé All Day

Get a glimpse at the beauty of Rosé Champagne. In this package we have a variety of different wines that are red and delicious!

Adrien Redon Rosé

Fresh pink, reminiscent of rose petals. Fruit forward with notes of red currant, strawberry, and blackberry aromas, followed by a soft cookie like note. Light and delicate, silky texture with some slight minerality. Finish ends with a strong sense of minerality and a pleasant acidic note. Enjoy chilled as an aperitif.

Didier-Ducos Fils Rosé Brut

This Champagne is raspberry like in color, nuanced with tones of fuchsia. Juicy strawberry aromas blend with cream notes, immediately bringing a touch of elegance. Generous notes of cherry and strawberry on the palate, and just the right amount of acidity for balance. The finish is long, slightly acidic, and just the right amount of minerality. This rosé would be beautiful on its own, but would also go well with dark chocolate or angel food cake.

Hervieux Dumez Rosé Brut

Enchanting deep pink in colour with flashes of light copper. The first nose is very aromatic. Notes of white flowers, red currant, strawberry and cherry aromas with a whipped cream. Subtle with a melted and creamy effervescence, Well balanced, round and fresh. Beautiful length ending harmoniously with red fruit aromas and a slight hint of minerality. This Champagne is perfect for starting a great night out, for celebrating, or for adding a splash of color to your table. Pair with sweet-savory preparations, such as smoked salmon and cream cheese, or berries and whipped cream.

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