2016 Going Places Pinot Noir

GOING PLACES Pinot Noir is the product of a very special collaboration between two friends with a shared passion for wine and the cultural traditions it represents. GOING PLACES is an homage to the amazing vineyard lands of our home, the Pacific Northwest, but also to the worldwide reach of wine and the opportunities it has given us to live out our dreams. To ensure that others also have the chance to follow their dreams, a percentage of profits from each bottle of GOING PLACES Pinot Noir is donated to The Foundation For Tomorrow, which invests in teachers and students in Tanzania. Help us secure quality education and emotional support for orphaned and vulnerable children so they, too, have the opportunity of GOING PLACES. Region: Willamette Valley, OR Vineyard/Vineyard Practices: Azana Vineyard - Organic and Biodynamic farming. Winemaker: Thomas Monroe