Tour Des Blancs

Gimonnet is a true innovator in the realm of grower champagne. More than any of our other growers, Gimmonet loves to put as much age on his wines as possible. This choice gives the wines a beautiful complexity and depth. If only we all had this level of patience!

Gimmonet-OgerBlanc de Blanc Millésime 1996 Nature

This is a special version on the 1996 that we asked Jean-Luc Gimonnet to finish with zero dosage. The absolute dryness of this cuvée is amplified by the bright acidity of the vintage. This is the vintage Champagne for now, for the warm weather and lighter foods of the season.

Gimmonet-OgerBlanc de Blanc Millésime 1998

The color on this Champagne is a beautiful gold and the nose is reminiscent of some of the best Champagne that we have tasted from the Cote des Blancs-- lots of chalk and minerality, but also wonderful baked bread, honey, and aged fruit. The finish is so expressive and lengthy, that this wine will stand up to Champagnes that are $200 and above. We consider ourselves very fortunate to be the exclusive importers and retailers of this incredible Champagne.

Gimmonet-OgerBlanc de Blanc Millésime 2002

Pale brilliant yellow with green reflections. Complex with typical Chardonnay aromas, as well as notes of honey, fresh butter, and almond paste. Bright and refreshing opening to a melted and creamy effervescence. The finish is long with acidity and a slight hint of chalk. Pair with a salty cheese like Parmesan.

Gimmonet-OgerBlanc de Blanc Millésime 2004

Deep yellow with hints of gold coming through. Fresh baked bread, honey, and apricot, followed by smooth mineral notes. Fresh and bright, well balanced, youthful. Long finish full of minerality. Perfect as an aperitif, but would easily pair well with grilled fish or fresh shellfish.

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