Dinner Night

This gift package introduces unique wines that perfectly coordinate with a three course meal: appetizer, entree, and dessert.

Alexandre Lenique Cuvée Excellence Brut

This cuvée has a color that is very light, almost star bright. The nose is classic Champagne, but the palate is extremely delicate. Alexandre is young, but he makes a precise cuvée with huge minerality and zing. The freshness of the wine is obvious, it represents the Côte des Blancs at its best, and it will keep you reminiscing.

Hervy-Quenardel Cuvée Brut Prestige Gran Cru

This Champagne has the classically bold and fresh baked bread aromas of a great Grand Cru wine. The smell is so delicious and intense that it's hard take your nose out of the glass! But when you do get around to sipping it, balance is what comes to mind as the aromas and bold flavors are balanced by fine acidity and a beautiful effervescence. The finish lasts for well over a minute and leaves a lingering flavor that calls for another taste. Jerome ages the wine in neutral oak barrels from Burgundy for over a year, then selects only the best barrels to put in this cuvée before it sees another 5 years of aging in the bottle!

Jean Baillette-Prudhomme Cuvée Rosé de Saignee Premier Cru

This has an incredibly unique color as it matches a very red raspberry. This color comes from four days of maceration, where the Pinot Noir grapes ferment with their red skins before the juice is bled off (saignee), and fermentation continues without the skins. The Champagne is light, with nice structure and a fine acidity to balance the fruit. This is indeed fruit forward, but not in the least bit sweet.