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Bigger Fatter Champagne Tasting Session 2

Saturday, November 5th | SESSION 2: 2pm-4pm | Fat Cork Tasting Room

$30 for FC Club Members, $60 for non-club members. Club members may bring up to 4 guests at the FC Club price. Login or call us to receive club member pricing. After you purchase tickets, your name will be added to a guest list at the door.

We're opening 20 of our tête de cuvée (most prestigious) Champagnes and tasting them all side by side. Sample the oldest, most limited bottles in the Fat Cork collection.

Welcome to the party.

The Fine Print: There will be plenty of Champagne and light snacks. Please plan accordingly and eat a nice breakfast or lunch. Tickets must be purchased in advance to attend. To get the most out of your tasting session, we recommend you arrive close to when your time slot begins.

Tickets for Session 2 are currently sold out.

Click here for tickets to Session 1 (11am-1pm)

Click here for tickets to Session 3- Sold Out

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