Meet the Team

The beginnings

Portland native Bryan Maletis had a great job at a cool wine shop in New York City. During his time there he encouraged customers to always have a bottle of Prosecco on hand, just in case there was an opportunity to create a celebration.

His role at Sherry-Lehmann quickly evolved into a brand manager position at The Winebow Group—a national wine import distribution house. As the sole manager of Laurent-Perrier, it was here where Bryan entered the world of Champagne.

Fast forward a few years, he landed a job at Young’s-Columbia Distributing back here on the west coast. It was the smartest move he ever made because upon his return he met Abby Richardson.

They fell in love with each other - and the Champagne region - during their first trip to France together in 2009. Bryan had nearly lost his job by taking this trip at the time. Thankfully, it all paid off in the end. Now she’s Abby Maletis, and thanks to her encouragement Bryan followed his entrepreneurial spirit, got an MBA from University of Washington, and his dream of importing the finest bubbles to the states became reality.


Champagne Expert, Owner, and Ideas Man

Director of Happiness, Owner, and Rockstar Mom

Bryan & Abby want to share their passion and knowledge of Champagne with you. Their goal is to demystify Champagne as more than the occasional celebratory beverage. Together they have built this incredible team, our unique underground wine cave, this community, and of course the fatcork club. They created the wine club that they would want to join; the best Champagne with diverse and unique flavor profiles, carefully cellared, and ready to drink - for the same price four times each year!

On most days, you can find Bryan and Abby spending quality time with their awesome kiddos, cooking dinner together—and of course—drinking Champagne. Family time is sacred to them and often a cause for celebration itself. They also love to travel, making time for date nights, and always finding reasons to celebrate.

Favorite Sport(s): Bryan: Golf, Water Polo | Abby: Running, biking, or whatever the kids are into at the moment

Favorite Music Genre(s): Bryan: Reggae | Abby: Funk Soul & Country Rock 

Favorite Wine Region(s) Besides Champagne: Bryan: Burgundy and Rhone Valley | Abby: Her heart is in Champagne.


General Manager, Staff Writer, Resident Frenchie

This boss lady wears many hats. Fifteen years in the restaurant and hospitality world on both the east and west coast has reinforced her love for people and has deemed her a wine wizard. She uses these skills to provide the best customer experience—from making Champagne inclusive and approachable for everyone to being able to select the right bottle to be sent as a special gift. She’s here for you.

Besides running everyday operations, she manages imports and relationships with our growers, focuses on staff education, runs fatcork communications, and collaborates with the creative team.

On most days you can find Iza in her kitchen whipping up something good, entertaining friends, and begging her better half for daily foot massages.

Favorite Sport(s): Dancing in the living room, Yoga 

Favorite Music Genre(s): Folk & 90's R&B

Favorite Wine Region(s) Besides Champagne: Loire Valley, Jura


Tasting Room Leader, Celebration Specialist, and Your New Best Friend

Jojo for short, is full of personality and you feel like you've always known her. She's part of this dreamy office/warehouse team and has mixed experience in hospitality, customer service and the wine world. She would be happy to help you find the perfect bottle, take you on a tour of our cave, or to give you amazing restaurant recommendations. She is here to answer your email and phone questions, write your gift notes, and package your bottles with love and care. 

Outside of fatcork you can most likely find Jojo on a crazy hike, or shopping for a new outfit.

Favorite Sport(s): Field hockey

Favorite Music Genre(s): Classical 

Favorite Wine Region(s) Besides Champagne: Emilia Romagna, Etna


Tasting Room Leader, Celebration Specialist, and Your New Best Friend 

Deemed "Jakie" by his office wife Jojo, he is here every day with his great hair and a smile on his face. He is part of this dreamy office/warehouse team and has mixed experience in merchandising, hospitality, and has a passion for wine. He is happy to pour you a taste, run your bubbles out to your car, and to ask you what's going on this weekend. He is here to answer your email and phone questions, write your gift notes, and package your bottles with love and care. 

Outside of fatcork you can most likely find Jake singing karaoke with his wife, or flying around on his scooter.

Favorite Sport(s): Baseball & soccer

Favorite Music Genre(s): Emo & alternative rock

Favorite Wine Region(s) Besides Champagne: Rioja, Willamette Valley


Instagram Sorceress, Design Sensei, and Photography Stylist 

She makes everything she touches look great. Based in Spokane, WA, Anna is a true artist and has helped bring fatcork to a whole new level. She specializes in innovative branding and identity design, marketing, custom packaging, illustration, art direction and styling, just to name a few!

Outside of fatcork you can most likely find Anna focusing on her own art, or enjoying a killer meal with her husband. 

Favorite Sport(s): Tennis

Favorite Music Genre(s): Folk

Favorite Wine Region(s) Besides Champagne: Sonoma County

We have a lot of fun here at fatcork. Are you interested in becoming part of the team?