What is your return policy?

If you think one of our Champagnes is technically flawed, please save the cork and we will replace the cuvée without hesitation. We want every customer to celebrate our business and will do everything within reason to make it so!

How quickly do orders ship?

Orders placed Sunday through Thursday generally ship the next day. We’ll send you an email confirming your delivery before the package departs. Please reach out to us directly with any special requests for the handling of your shipment.

What is your shipping method?

We love Earth! And we want to do our part to save the environment. Therefore, we use recyclable boxes with compostable inserts. We won’t touch styrofoam, but instead use recyclable liners to protect against hot and cold weather.

What is your privacy policy?

We aim to inject beauty into your day, not suck the life out of it. With that said, please note that we collect website statistics from Google. This is intended solely to better our business and does not reveal your personal information to us, your next door neighbor, your personal trainer, your boss, or to anyone for any reason. Ever.

Additionally, your credit card transaction takes place on a secure server maintained by Trust Commerce. Your information is transparently redirected, never stored. Conducting transactions in this manner ensures that we are 100% PCI compliant---which means that if we are ever hacked, your data is safe. This is very important to us as a business.