Ruppert Leroy

Le Premier Jour de Vendenges 2018


Rose gold in the glass, with flecks of copper. Timid bubbles tumble from the bottle into the glass, and soften with each swirl.

Sea spray at first whiff. Yellow apple skin, underripe, green strawberries and hints of coconut husk transport you to faraway places.

Crisp. Dry. Utterly delightful. More specifically, pungent notes of apple core and bitter almond comes to mind. White floral notes of honeysuckle on the mid-palate are followed by a salty, oxidative, and sherry-like complexity in the finish.

  • Vintage: 100% 2018
  • Varietal: 100% pinot noir
  • Village: Essoyes
  • Dosage: 0 g/l
  • Disgorgement: October 2020

43 available

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