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Why we need to celebrate

Because it's part of human history.

Celebration and social interaction has always been a necessary part of human experience. Throughout the ages, we’ve enjoyed Friday nights, holidays, birthdays, Saturnalias, Yuletides, Quinceñeras, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, etc. Experiencing a global phenomenon like this pandemic has put a kibosh on grandiose celebrations. In its wake—isolation, social distance, and estranging ourselves from connections that we’ve spent our lives building, creating, and nurturing.

What a year it was. 

A full year of sourdough bakingMarie Kondo-ing, and cleaning your groceries. The anniversary for the pandemic has come and gone within the last month, and with this vaccine rollout, we are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. The dark winter has ended and spring has come like it always does. 

“The way I see it, you can’t have the rainbows without the rain”
-Dolly Parton

It feels like a new day has arrived. The old way of celebrating, waiting for those special moments few and far between, is over. If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s acknowledging that every moment is precious that we have together. 


The separation we’ve endured the past year has been grueling. There have been virtual weddings, happy hours, birthdays, and even funerals—moments where community and gathering has been forever taken for granted. It’s been incredibly hard, this everlasting waiting to squeeze family and close friends. It’s finally happening—the first-in-a-while embraces, playdates, plane rides, and clinking of glasses. These small moments are the times to celebrate. Not the sporadic milestones, but the love that we share in the here and now.

It’s hard to think of celebration when life is seemingly so unfair and unpredictable. But that is actually precisely why it is so important! They say that grief shared is grief halved, but joy shared is joy doubled. The brokenness in our hearts can either be healed through time, or rather with a gathering of our closest and dearest loved ones. 

If a celebration is a break from the mundane, having a bottle of Champagne can turn a picnic into a fond memory. It can turn take-out sushi into a moment of joy with friends and family. Pulling out a bottle when spending time with loved ones can immediately improve the mood of everyone involved. It’s this mentality that can turn our unwritten pages of the future into ones that we remember for years to come. 

Cheers to a healing world, the little moments, and the return of gathering of loved ones we miss so dearly. 

Team fatcork


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