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    Champagne Party Tips: How many glasses in a Champagne bottle?

    Fat Cork Club – Join Now! Serving Champagne at your next gathering? Make sure you have enough Champagne for all of your guests! On average, 1 standard bottle of Champagne (750 ml) will equal 5 full pours, or up to 12 tasting-sized pours. A Magnum (1.5 L) provides double the Champagne—10 full pours or 24 […]

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    Fat Cork Magnums Welcome Their Cousins to America

      Only one year ago, the very first generation of Magnums arrived on the shores of America just in time for a Thanksgiving toast. Soon after, the exuberant popping of corks could not be ignored by their cousins still in France. Convinced America was the perfect new home for their celebrations, the next generation of […]

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