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    Meet our Grower: Champagne Redon

      Trépail, the beautiful home village of the Redon family, is one of the sunniest places in all of Champagne. The additional light makes their grapes—mostly Chardonnay—extra ripe upon picking, leading to fruit-forward and elegant wines. The Redon family now produces two distinct lines of Champagne, one by the father, Pascal, and one by the […]

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    Bryan stars on New Day Northwest!

      Fat Cork was on New Day Northwest! Bryan sat down with New Day Northwest host, Margaret Larson, to teach a Champagne lesson and tell the story of Fat Cork on live TV.

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    Rosé 101

    Rosé Champagne These beautiful pink bubbles are made much the same as blanc Champagnes, but instead of using only the white juices of the grape, rosés implement the dark red skins of pinot noir and pinot meunier. Fat Cork rosé ranges from pale pink to light red, with flavors ranging from very dry & tart […]

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    Champagne & Food Pairing

      Last week we partnered with Seattle Chef Rock Silva to host a Food & Champagne Pairing Seminar in Fat Cork’s Champagne cave. We love pairing our bubbles with all sorts of different foods and we specifically wanted to show how this light and refreshing beverage can stand up to even the heartiest of dishes. […]

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