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    And the Oscar goes to…

    Bonjour Champagne lovers! 

    We believe all of the Champagne we import deserves a spot on the red carpet! But, in the spirit of the Academy Awards, we wanted to recognize a few that are especially impressive. 

    If these bottles could talk, they would thank you for all of your support in their bubbly careers.

    Team Fat Cork

    And the Oscar goes to…

    Best Picture of the Year

    Gimonnet-Oger Blanc de Blancs Millésime 1996 / $159

    Produced from the chalky soils of the Côte des Blancs region, this cuvée has been aging in Jean-Luc’s cellars for 18+ years! This Champagne is sure to become the Clint Eastwood of your collection, guaranteed to “make your day”. It’s magnificent right now, but will also age under cork for years to come.

    Red Carpet Stunner

    Grongnet Carpe Diem Extra Brut Rosé de Saignée Magnum / $188

    This voluptuous bottle is sure to delight both your eyes and your mouth! The body of the wine, soft and smooth like silk, liberates itself progressively as the wine warms in the mouth. Ooh la la! It’s bold, it’s pink, and it sachets across your palate. 

    Best Leading Actress

    Jean Baillette-Prudhomme Memoris / $69

    Laureen Baillette is a true star hailing from the Montagne de Reims region. At only 29 years old, Laureen runs her family’s operation with her mother and sister, producing her cuvées on a pink wooden press. This particular cuvée is Pinot Noir based and aged for 7+ years in the bottle. It’s rich and bold with great acidity. 

    Best Costume Design

    Hervy-Quenardel Blanc de Blancs 2000/ $96

    You can’t always judge a bottle by its label, but in the case of this cuvée, the beautiful painted bottle is equally as wonderful as the bubbles inside. There are less than 100 bottles left in the world; we were lucky enough to import 12 last year. 

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    Bryan featured in Bellevue Club Reflections

    “This world is crazy, and so is daily life; taking a moment to reflect and celebrate is what makes me most happy.”
    – Bryan Maletis, Fat Cork co-founder

    Check out Bryan’s full interview in the Bellevue Club Reflections Beauty and Luxury issue! A special thank you to Lauren Hunsberger for the feature.


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    Stay in this Valentine’s Day

    Bonjour mon amour!Make this February 14th a day of love: stay in and open a bottle of Champagne! Whether you’re celebrating with your sweetheart, or a group of friends, we’d like to share our best tips for making the most of your Valentine’s Day.

    Happy Valentine’s Day and cheers!

    Team Fat Cork

    Make a fun dinner, pair with Champagne, and enjoy a romantic evening at home! Below are some general suggestions for pairing food with Champagne and also a few of our favorite food and Champagne pairings: 

    Pair like with like: Match flavor intensity—mild flavors compliment delicate wines; intense flavors need richer wines.

    Skip the cake: Because our Champagnes are typically dry, pairing them with a sweet dessert make the bubbles taste bitter. Instead, try dark chocolate or berries with a Rosé Champagne. The semi-sweet flavors go great with the fruitiness of Rosé.

    Take-Out Sushi + Brut Nature: Light flavors compliment one another, and salty, fresh fish brings out the best in these high acid cuvées. We recommend Perrot-Batteux et filles Brut Nature.

    Oven Fries & Roasted Chicken + Blanc de Blancs: The rich, deep flavors of a roasted chicken and it’s salty seasonings are balanced and amplified with crisp Blanc de Blancs. Anything from Gimonnet-Oger will be great, but one of his supremely aged vintage cuvées will steal the show.

    Goat Cheese & Spinach Salad + Rosé: Serve as a starter or for the main course. The creamy, tangy cheese adds depth to the salad and pairs wonderfully with a rosé. Our Rosés also go well with many meat and vegetable dishes, so these bottles are especially great for pairing with multiple courses. We recommend Didier-Ducos Fils Rosé.


    Host a Tasting Party!All you need are some glasses, small bites, and a couple of bottles to prepare your flight.

    Chill enough bubbles for everyone: a 750ML bottle will provide about 12 tasting pours or 8 full Champagne flute pours.

    Start light, end bold: When creating your tasting menu, start with the lightest flavors (also often the youngest). End with something bold (think vintage or a rich rosé).

    Get geeky: Download our tasting cards and have your guests take notes on each Champagne served. This is not only a fun way to involve guests, it also allows everyone to taste like a wine pro!

    Serve Champagne-friendly appetizers: Cheese, nuts, cured meat, and olives go with most bubbles. Add some color with fresh berries or fig preserves. However, stay away from most blue cheeses as they tend to overpower our delicate Champagnes.

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