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    Fat Cork featured in Wall Street Journal!

    We are extremely proud to have been featured in an article about Wine Clubs in The Wall Street Journal‘s Off Duty section. And, we were the only Champagne Club mentioned! Check out Lettie Teague’s review of our club here.


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    Fat Cork’s Best in Show: 2014 Champagne

    The most memorable cuvées we imported last year.
    Dear Champagne lovers,

    All of the Champagne we import is phenomenal and each cuvée stands out for a different reason. That’s why I love hand-selecting for every FC Club Member!

    I will never be able to settle on a favorite cuvée and I adore all of our producers. But, there were a few Champagnes that were very memorable for me last year and I thought all y’all might want to know who made my 2014 Dean’s List!

    What was on your top list in 2014? We’d love to know. (FC Club Members, don’t forget, we keep all of your feedback on file!)



    “Teacher’s Pet”

    Perrot-Batteux et Filles Cuvée 1997 / $108

    When Cynthia Perrot’s father came up from the family caves smiling and holding unlabeled, chalk-covered bottles, we had reason to be excited. He said the bottles were a 50/50 blend from the 1995 and 1996 vintages and they were certainly 100% Chardonnay. He blended these bottles and stashed them away in 1997, so we’re calling it Cuvée 97. Aged supremely in bottle for 16+ years, and just recently disgorged, it has developed extraordinary character and we asked it to be finished and corked as is, with zero dosage.

    “Perfect Attendance Award”

    Jean Baillette-Prudhomme Brut Nature Premier Cru / $59

    Laureen Baillette continues to excel with every cuvée she creates, but her Brut Nature delights with a fantastic balance of age and freshness every time we open a bottle. It’s a pure representation of Pinot Noir coming from old vines in the Montagne de Reims and aged for years in the bottle. We’ve imported it since day one at Fat Cork, and every time we call on it, we’re impressed!

    “Rookie of the Year”

    Adrien Redon Le Grand R / $78

    We always knew Adrien Redon was taking over primary winemaking responsibilities of his father’s Champagne Pascal Redon, but he absolutely stunned us on a recent visit when he proudly revealed four new cuvées bearing his own Adrien Redon labels. He had been working on these cuvées since 2008 but never said a word. When asked why, he said, “I didn’t want to showcase until they were entirely ready”. A true artist, Adrien’s cuvées are transparent and made with his own style. They’re all excellent, but this cuvée impressed me the most. It’s 50% Chardonnay and 50% Pinot Noir. It’s balance is incredible.

    Follow Adrien on Instagram!

    “Life of the Party”

    Mathieu-Gandon Rosé de Saignée / $72

    Many Pinot Meunier-dominant cuvées can be somewhat simple, with their straight-forward fruit and short(ish) finish. Fabien Mathieu agrees, and that is why this 100% Pinot Meunier Rosé Saignée is only made with 60+ year old vines in a very special family vineyard that produces Pinot Meunier grapes with structure and length. To keep the acidity fresh and lively, he finishes this beautiful Rosé with very little dosage and inhibits malolactic fermentation. Bright on the tongue, with an abundance of red fruit flavors, this Rosé allows the purity of the Pinot Meunier grape shine.

    P.S. This is one cuvée that would make a splash in a vintage coupe!

    “Most Artistic”

    Grongnet Blanc de Noirs / $49

    Cecile Grongnet certainly grows much more Chardonnay than Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier, but she wanted to showcase the uniqueness of these dark-skinned grapes grown in the Southwest corner of the Côte des Blancs region. Unlike the Blanc de Noirs coming from the Montagne de Reims region, this cuvée has the citrus fruit associated with Chardonnay along with fun, tropical fruit flavors not usually found in Champagne. It’s a 50/50 blend of Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier, and though Cecile has very little of these grapes available, she crafts a small lot of Blanc de Noirs every year she can.

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    Grower Champagne Guide from Fat Cork & Wine Folly

    Our very own Bryan Maletis was recently featured as a guest contributor on Wine Folly, a blog devoted to decoding the wide world of wine. Bryan was honored to work with Madeline, the creator of Wine Folly, to create a Guide to Grower Champagne. The article covers all the basics of grower-produced bubbly and features great infographics created by Wine Folly.

    Be sure to check out the article and Wine Folly here. Cheers!


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    How to Saber Champagne!

    How to Saber Champagne from Fat Cork on Vimeo. We’re celebrating the start of the new year with a bang—by sabering Champagne! Myth has it that Napoleon popularized the technique of opening Champagne with a sword, sabering bottles on horseback after his victories. Whatever the history may be, sabering a bottle of Champagne takes any celebration to the next level. And for us, sabering a bottle is an auspicious way to welcome the new year. Thank you for your support in 2014. We wish you a new year of health, happiness and lots of celebrations.

    For the original & extended saboring video that shows how far we have come, watch Fat Cork- Open Champagne with a Sword 

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