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    Meet the Grower: Champagne Didier-Ducos Fils

    Champagne Didier Ducos


    We love our Champagne producers very much, so, it is our pleasure to introduce you to  the wonderful family of Champagne Didier-Ducos!

    Champagne Didier Ducos was born in 1946 as the result of a marriage between Yvonne & Adrien. Adrien was fortunate to survive WWII, came back to France, and started producing Champagne using grapes from the family vineyards. Next, their son Christopher and his wife Dominique took over and worked together to grow the family business. Today it is the turn of their grandson Nicolas and his wife Clotilde.
    Fat Cork Didier DucosCurrently:
    Nicolas and Clotilde are the third generation to operate Didier-Ducos. They have remained committed to harvesting and handling every bottle by hand, just like the first generation. By combining family traditions and know-how with modern vineyard and cellar management, they are creating the best cuvées to date. Nicolas and Clotilde strive for unattainable perfection, but they are able to perfectly represent the terroir of the young generation.



    Their vines are located in privileged territory, nestled in between the Vallee de la Marne and the Cote des Blancs. The combination of the chalky soils from the Cote des Blancs and the clay-based soils of the Vallee de la Marne produces outstanding Champagne. The unique Pinot Meunier Grape comprises 70% of their vineyards and they have built their reputation around crafting beautiful, Pinot Meunier based Champagnes.

    Fat Cork Champagne, Didier Ducos


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