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A Brief History of Fatcork

Owners - Bryan, Myers, Abigail, and Lucas Maletis
Bryan, Myers, Abigail, and Lucas Maletis

In 2003 a serendipitous chain of events began.

Portland native Bryan Maletis had a great job at a cool wine shop. It quickly evolved into a Brand Manager position at The Winebow Group—a national wine import distribution house. Managing New York and New Jersey was a fun and promising career, and at the time he was the youngest person in the company’s history to hold such a big job but… the Pacific Northwest is a tough place to leave. So Bryan came back. It was the smartest thing he ever did because upon his return he met Abby Richardson.

Now she’s Abby Maletis, and thanks to her encouragement Bryan followed his entrepreneurial spirit, got an MBA from U of Washington, and his dream of importing the finest bubbles that’d never before seen American soil, and controlling the provenance of every bottle from its origin point in Champagne to its final stop in our cave in Seattle, is a reality. Woo!

Fatcork was born in October 2010, approximately 18 months after Bryan and Abby’s first trip together, which, you’ll be surprised to hear (no you won’t), was to Champagne.

Cheers to love, cheers to you for reading, and cheers to Champagne, forever!